JobControl® Cut

Achieve the perfect cutting results in a few simple steps

JobControl® Cut is a fully integrated editing software, designed to process and optimise all basic cut geometries within Trotec's JobControl® software - there is no need to change the original geometries within your graphics program anymore! With the upgrade to JobControl® 11.0, JobControl® Cut is included as an optional feature.

  • JobControl® Cut requires very little training and is easy to use.
  • An optimal work flow can save you money while enhancing the quality of your end products.
  • You will always achieve the perfect cutting result.

How the JobControl® Cut editing functions work...

  • All contours can easily be assigned to each of the JobControl® process colours. This will in turn help define them as inside or outside cutting lines, or you can select them as vector engraving processes. You can completely customise your cutting sequence this way.
  • Thanks to the automatic connection of the cutting geometries, all adjacent lines can be combined to form one continuous cutting contour, saving you time in the long-run. This also means that the cutting geometries can easily be altered and repaired whenever required. Avoidable piercing positions are also eliminated with the simple click of a button.
  • By utilising the intelligent function 'set start point', you can efficiently detect the ideal and optimal starting positions for each and every application. This means that all irregularities in the completed cutting lines are avoided, minimising your wasted products and saving you money. 
  • By utilising the kerf correction function, fitting accuracy of your components as well as any dimensional errors that were caused by the kerf are compensated for. This will minimise your wasted products and ensure that you always achieve perfect, consistent results. Plug-in connections will always fit perfectly together thanks to kerf correction.
  • When defining the 'lead in/lead out' segments, you can choose where the laser will begin the cutting process inside or outside the geometry. This process will not have any kind of negative impact on the quality of your cutting edges, so giving the user this choice may improve production efficiency. The edge quality is, in fact, consistent along the entire circumference of your workpiece.
  • The intelligent sorting function of JobControl® Cut allows you to optimise the cutting sequence, reducing your processing time and improving the quality of your cutting results. A quick simulation also allows you to check the cutting sequence prior to executing it with the machine. This ensures you will always process with the maximum efficiency for your requirements.
  • Lastly, you can rest assured that your original data will never be overwritten. JobControl® automatically stores all edited versions separately in the laser job queue, meaning you can play around and experiment with settings whenever you’d like.

JobControl® Laser Software

JobControl® is Trotec's innovative laser software. It offers maximum user comfort when preparing laser jobs and is very easy to understand. JobControl® makes laser cutting and engraving as easy as printing!

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