polymehr large-format laser cutting acryl

Polymehr cuts acrylic with the large format laser cutter SP3000.

polymehr large-format laser cutting acryl

About the company: Polymehr GmbH.

Since the turn of the millenium the Polymehr GmbH produces most different products, first of all made of acrylic glass for customers in the exhibition, store fitting and advertising industry. Meanwhile also other kinds of plastics are processed, so that customers from the machine, container, plant construction, medical, conveyor, electrical and automation engineering, but also private persons belong to the clientele of the company. In order to meet the requests quickly and qualitatively, Polymehr continuously focuses on the expansion of high quality production facilities but also e.g. into a webshop, in order to enable fast and comfortable shopping with short delivery times.

A good feeling right from the start

Until a few years ago, the materials were processed by means of milling machines, which required a lot of time but also intensive post-processing, e.g. for acrylic (by flame polishing). Due to the high demand, a large part of the products was also purchased from a laser service provider.

Thanks to a recommendation of a supplier at that time, Trotec started to talk to the large format lasers of the SP series. Compared to other suppliers, the SP3000 scored points not only in the handling of the laser machine and software but also because of the production country Austria. "This means that you have a laser that was manufactured exclusively here and you are not dependent on the delivery and service capabilities of third-party or intercontinental suppliers for any subsequent additions or service work," says Mr. Göke. At the same time, laser processing now also opens up other types of material that can be processed easily and quickly, such as wood, MDF, etc.

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