Laser engraving of plywood sheets for lighting rigs

Growing Sustainable Solutions with Trotec Laser.

Green Lab is an open innovation lab

About Green Lab.

Founded by Andrew Gregson, Green Lab is an open innovation lab and ecosystem that gives innovators the opportunity to design sustainable solutions for a variety of applications, including things like urban food. Andrew started Green Lab to promote creativity, collaboration, experimentation and fun. He wanted to allow people the chance to create and nourish ideas that can put more natural and healthy food on people's tables.

Green Lab's aim is to produce sustainable solutions for complex urban food, water as well as waste challenges. They needed a very reliable solution for this...


Finding a Self-Sufficient Solution.

Green Lab produces many items within the lab, including important work-environment items. These include things like lighting rigs, signage, enclosures and mounting boards for agricultural electronic projects.

One day, Andrew decided he wanted to make the lab more 'self-sufficient' and offer members the flexibility to actually prototype their designs, as well as produce internal applications for the lab. Andrew knew that the lab needed a solution that would not only help achieve these goals, but also negated the need to purchase new products. The ability to bring production in house was also a heavy focus, as outsourcing was proving to be expensive and inconsistent.

It was these factors that encouraged Andrew to look for a laser machine as a potential solution, and ultimately lead him to us.

Our laser offers us near unlimited ways to be creative and work towards our ultimate goal, with prototypes being produced in a quick and effortless manner. We no longer have to resort to buying products and items off the shelf.

Andrew Gregson
Founder Green Lab
Green Lab now use a Speedy 100 laser engraver and cutter

The Trotec Solution.

Trotec laser cutters can process a variety of materials used across multiple industries. With JobControl laser software, replicating detailed designs on materials like wood and food-items is effortless and introduces a wider range of application possibilities. Green Lab is using a Speedy 100 within their workspace for both member and internal applications. A major advantage that the laser has brought to the lab is the flexibility to be creative while working towards a goal.

Thanks to the easy use of JobControl software, even laser novices can recreate their designs easily. The laser is compatible with most standard file formats, making it very flexible and appropriate for the applications produced within the lab

Our installation process was exemplary. We received a full day of training from our area manager to help us become familiar with the machine and the after sales support has been excellent. The Trotec team are very knowledgeable and happy to help.

Andrew Gregson
Founder Green Lab
Laser engraving of plywood sheets for lighting rigs

The Perfect Materials.

Green Lab is a proud user of Trotec's plywood sheets during their production processes. 

"In the lab, we produce an all manner of applications including internal signage, stencils and stamps. however we utilise Trotec's range of plywood sheets in the production of our lighting rigs. Plywood is a clean material and we have chosen it for its sustainability compared to other materials such as plastics... Trotec materials are high quality, sized to meet our requirements and always delivered on time."

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