Colored annealing keyring with MOPA-Laser

Learn in this tutorial how you can create colored annealing on stainless steel with a MOPA laser.


Required material

Stainless steel key ring

Machine used

You can use any other machine of the SpeedMarker series, Speedy fiber or Speedy flexx.


Depending on the alloy, the results on stain less steel can be different than the one shown in this sample.
To achieve different colors, the pulse width has to be changed. Therefore you only achieve black markings when using a standard fiber laser of the SpeedMarker Series, a Speedy fiber or Speedy flexx.



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Step by step

Step 1

Step 1: Design

Import our template or create your own design. Import the PDF with layers into SpeedMark and assign parameters and fillings to the object.


Define the parameters in advance.

Filling For Fill Style Line Distance [mm] Additional
Text cross lines (bidirectional) 0.003 -
Letters Bidirectional 0.03 -
Lines Bidirectional 0.001 -
Dots Bidirectional 0.001 Optimize filling
Wind rose Bidirectional 0.001 Optimize filling
Border None - -
Step 2

Step 2: Laser process

Now enter the parameter settings. They can differ depending on the laser machine used and laser power available.

Position the work piece using the help of border marking.

Laser parameter Process Power [%] Frequency [kHz]
Text Marking 50 150
Letters Marking 60 60
Lines Marking 60 189
Dots Marking 84 261
Wind rose Marking 54 260
Border Positioning - -
Speed [mm/s] Pulse width [ns] Passes
1000 200 1
2000 200 2
2000 8 1
2000 100 1
2000 100 1
- - -
Step 3

Step 3: Post processing

No post processing necessary.

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