Ergonomic design

Easy loading and unloading, short distances, adjustable control desk

  • Access from all 4 sides for easy loading and unloading 
  • Media channel can be positioned either on the right or left 
  • Height-adjustable control desk for ergonomic working 

The SP-xP facilitates unrestricted access to the laser cutter from all four sides. Enhanced with retractable laser protection panels, material loading and unloading processes are streamlined and secure. Whether materials are placed manually, with a lifting aid, or via a trolley, the operation remains straightforward. 

Featuring a media channel measuring just around 12 cm in height, all cables and hoses are neatly housed within. Positioned either on the right or left side, this flexibility enables seamless integration of the SP-xP into existing spatial configurations, ensuring optimal alignment with operational processes and material flows. 

Moreover, the height-adjustable control desk offers personalized adjustments tailored to individual operator preferences. Doubling as an additional work surface, it ensures convenient storage and easy accessibility for cleaning agents and lens tubes. 

SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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