automated laser cutter GS12

Paper cutting laser GS

Laser system for high-speed laser cutting and high volume paper finishing

Laser system for high-speed laser cutting and high volume paper finishing 
Added value for printed materials: Achieve higher profit margins by using laser finishing

GS1000 - galvo laser workstation
GS1200 - automated laser system

Technical data

Laser type: Galvo CO₂ laser
Work area: 19.6 x 19.6 inch
Laser power: 100 watt, super-pulsed

  • High return on investment even with short runs
  • Extremely delicate cuts and engravings on paper

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Customize your paper products with laser cutting and engraving

Whether business cards, brochures, packaging or labels – use of laser cutting or engraving increases the quality and selling prices of these products. By engraving of logos, individual laser cutting of names and ultra-sophisticated ornaments you set yourself apart from the competition.

Expand your range of services with a laser system

The GS1000 enables you to create products that would be impossible without a laser system. Expand your range with additional services such as register-accurate contour cutting, finest geometries of engraving or perforation of printed materials. Short runs thus become highly profitable.

Perfect finishing thanks to register accuracy

Register mark detection allows printed paper to be cut delicately and engraved individually. Printing deviations are detected by the SpeedMark Vision software, and the cutting path is automatically adjusted. The cutting lines always match the printing perfectly.

GS1200: Automated laser system 

The GS1200 is an automated solution with a flat pile feeder, automated paper path and sheet stacker. With this laser cutting machine the user can cut paper formats up to B2 with a net speed of more than 1000 sheets per hour. Integration into your existing data management is possible without any problems.