rotary attachment laser machine

360° engraving
using the rotary attachment

Glasses and cups are very popular applications for laser engraving. With the rotary attachments for the Speedy series, you can quickly and easily engrave personalized glasses.

Installing the rotary attachment

For installing the rotary attachment, the laser must be switched off. Just follow these points step by step:

  • Move table down in the laser device
  • Switch off laser
  • Insert rotary attachment and fixate it on the ruler with clamps
  • Connect control cable (front left on the inside)
  • Switch laser on again

Inserting circular items into the laser

Chuck the desired workpiece and upon fixing slightly compress the springs to about one-half. If the work piece is not cylindrical, but conical, you can align the desired engraving area with the rocker lever parallel to the working table.

When focusing, it is important to zero in on the desired engraving area. Note that lenses with low focal length also have lower focus tolerance.

Sending design with the correct settings to the laser

The easiest way to send the design is to place the finished artwork centrally on the page (in Corel Draw® or Illustrator®). Click Print, select the “Trotec Engraver” and open the Settings menu. Here, it is important to enable the rotary attachment and enter the diameter of the workpiece. Select the parameters as usual and send the document to JobControl®.


The sequence in JobControl® is as usual: Direct the laser pointer at the desired position, put the job onto the plate and click Start.

Print brochure about the rotary attachment

Here in the PDF we have compiled detailed information about the rotary attachment.

Further information

Our service team will be happy to help you in case of any technical questions or problems.

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