What is the maximum dimension for rotary engraving attachments?

Up to what size can glass be laser engraved with the rotary attachment?

Depending on the laser system, there are rotary engraving attachments in various designs and sizes. With the special roll attachment, you can even process objects with large or small openings that do not fit into the cones of the standard configuration. The maximum workpiece length and the maximum workpiece weight are indicated in the table.

Rotary attachments are available for the following Trotec laser systems

  Speedy 100 
Speedy 300
Speedy 360
Speedy 400
Rotary attachment, tiltable
Rotary attachment with cone
Rotary attachment with rollers
Combined rotary attachment
(cone and rollers can be exchanged)
Maximum workpiece length 350 mm 485 mm (cone)
680 mm (roller)
550mm (cone)
745mm (roller)
760mm (cone)
960mm (roller)
840mm (cone) 
1040mm (roller)
Maximum workpiece diameter* 118 mm 184mm (cone)
94mm (roller)
207mm (cone)
96mm (roller)
270mm (cone)
180mm (roller)
250mm (cone)
150mm (roller)
Maximum weight 3 kg 3kg (cone)
10kg (roller)
3kg (cone)
10kg (roller)
3kg (cone)
10kg (roller)
3kg (cone)
10kg (roller)

* The maximum diameter depends on the inserted lens!

Further information

For further information about the rotary engraving attachment, access our online step-by-step instructions how to use the rotary engraving attachment or contact the Trotec service hotline. Top qualified and motivated laser experts will assist you with any questions or problems.

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