Harnessing the synergy of laser cutting and UV printing

Crafting an alluring promotional display

22. Juni 2023 • 3 min

Fusion of laser cutting and UV printing opening up many creative avenues

In the dynamic realm of laser technology, the fusion of laser cutting and UV printing has opened up many creative avenues. This article will explore how we can utilize Trotec Laser's Speedy 400 laser cutter and the Mimaki UV printer to craft an eye-catching and vibrant pop candy stand. This method showcases the extensive capabilities of both these technologies and illustrates how they can seamlessly integrate to produce unique and captivating promotional displays.

Printing the design onto TroGlass Acrylic

The journey to creating this engaging display begins with the Mimaki UV printer. The first step involves printing the selected design onto a 3mm thick TroGlass transparent acrylic sheet. An essential part of this stage is incorporating at least three registration marks into the design. These marks, each having a diameter of 0.25 inches and filled with RGB black, play a pivotal role in ensuring the laser cutter's precise alignment during the project's subsequent stages.

Laser cutting with precision using the Speedy 400

Following the printing stage, the TroGlass acrylic sheet, adorned with vibrant design and registration marks, is placed into the Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter. The Speedy 400, armed with a state-of-the-art vision camera system, identifies the registration marks and proceeds to cut the material under the design file accurately. This process phase illustrates the remarkable precision and efficiency of the Speedy 400, as it guarantees a perfect cut tailored to fit the design.

Building a sturdy display base for durability

The construction of the display's base employs a more substantial piece of 10mm TroGlass clear acrylic. The front display panel is meticulously attached to this base using double-sided tape to ensure a solid and durable structure capable of supporting the candy boxes. The emphasis is on ensuring robustness, as promotional displays must withstand constant handling and transportation.

Creating intricate candy boxes with laser engraving and cutting

The candy boxes' creation involves a two-stage process. The first stage entails reversing engraving a robot pattern onto a 3mm piece of TroGlass clear acrylic. Following this, the laser cutter is employed once again to cut out the components of the box. The boxes and display inserts are then meticulously assembled, maintaining a contour of 0.005 inches to ensure a flawless fit.

The result: a fascinating pop candy stand for promotional purposes

This detailed process results in a fascinating pop candy stand, which is visually appealing, sturdy, and ideally suited for many promotional purposes. Applications that incorporate laser cut and UV printed elements, such as this, are ideal for various sectors, including sign makers, point of purchase displays, awards, and trophies.

Synergy of laser cutting and UV Printing: unlocking design possibilities

This project is a testament to how Trotec Laser machines can synergize with other technologies to produce high-quality, intricate designs. By combining laser cutting and UV printing, we can achieve intricately detailed designs, vibrant colors, and precise cutting, culminating in a final product that truly stands out.

Whether you're a business owner seeking to create unique promotional displays that grab attention or a designer eager to push the boundaries of your craft, the marriage of laser cutting and UV printing offers a world brimming with possibilities. With Trotec Laser's cutting-edge equipment and a dash of creativity, the sky's the limit to what you can accomplish.


Lev Uzlaner

Managing Director Trotec Canada

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