Laser Engraving Rubber Stamps

Manufacturing rubber stamps & engraving text plates

Rubber stamp manufacturing with stamp lasers

Rubber stamp manufacturing with laser engravers

Laser engraving machines for rubber stamp manufacture play a crucial role in the area of rubber stamp engraving. Largely automated processes reduce production times significantly and increase productivity of text plate engraving.

Save time when laser engraving rubber stamps

With laser engraving machines from Trotec, you can manufacture rubber stamps within just a few minutes and also streamline series manufacture considerably. The Trotec JobControl software and the rubber stamp embossing program JobCreator provide comprehensive support for the process. These programs ensure easy and time-saving manufacture of rubber stamps.

Rubber stamp production with laser etching – always an advantage!

With only 1 rubber stamp per day, you finance the investment costs of a Trotec laser.
(for leasing financing over 48 months)



Manufacture text plates for rubber stamps from laser rubber.


Why Trotec

Components of the highest quality

Trotec laser machines are designed for intensive use over many years. Therefore, we only use components of the highest quality from our own production and from leading manufacturers that ensure reliability and a constant high quality.

Keeping an eye on time and costs

With the job time calculator, you can calculate the anticipated engraving and cutting duration even before starting the laser. This makes production planning and the calculation of your engraving and cutting costs easier for you. In addition, the Trotec software records the jobs you have completed. Thus, even the calculation afterwards is easy as child's play.

Made in Austria - a safe bet

Trotec laser machines are designed and built in Austria. All components are compliant with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE and TUV. In addition, our machines fulfill laser class 2. Operators are thus optimally protected.

Matching complete systems

At Trotec, all components perfectly match each other: Laser engraver - laser rubber - exhaust system. Make your selection from a wide range of laser systems for rubber stamp production tailored to your requirements. Additionally our partner company Trodat offers rubber stamps for a wide range of applications.

Multi Color Impression

The unique Multi Color Jet allows you to produce multi-color stamps in an automated process. The production of rubber stamp text plates and pads is both easy and clean.

Optimal laser machines

Trotec laser machines are perfectly designed for rubber stamp laser engraving. Due to the InPack-Technology, our flatbed lasers are designed to provide protection from dust for all dust-sensitive components, such as optics, mechanics and electronics - low-maintenance operation over many years is thus guaranteed.

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