pin laser engraved

Work Creatively on Exquisite Pieces

Traditional crafts, modern tools​

Jewelry today is manufactured using an array of different materials, in particular noble metals and alloys. Traditionally, the industry used engravings (produced mechanically) mostly to personalize the gold inlay on expensive pieces or to add a meaningful inscriptions to them. Jewelers today use engraving more creatively to produce unique jewelry designs.

Creativity has never been so easy to implement

Laser engraving is a modern alternative for the implementation of creative designs. Be it in a classical style to engrave rings or to add a special inscription to a watch, to decorate a necklace or to personalize a bracelet by engraving it - a laser offers you the opportunity to work on countless shapes and materials. Functional markings, patterns, textures, personalization, even photo-engravings can be implemented using a laser. A creative tool for a creative industry.


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