How to extend the life of your exhaust system

The three most important things to monitor

There are only three things that you need to pay attention to in order to take optimal care of your exhaust system:

  • Check the filter mat
  • Monitor filter saturation
  • Use a prefilter mat

Checking the filter mat

You should check the filter mat once a month and replace it if necessary. The filter mat is located at the bottom of the device in both the Atmos Mono and the Atmos Duo. In the Atmos Compact, you will find the filter mat on the right side of the device.

IMPORTANT: Before opening the exhaust system, make sure you turn it off and disconnect it from the laser!

Monitor filter saturation

Your Atmos exhaust system display shows the value “Filter”. This indicator shows the level of filter saturation; in other words, it indicates how much of the filter has been used and when it needs to be changed. When it reaches 100%, the filter must be replaced.

Don't worry, at 10% filter saturation you have the same suction as at 90%. The system automatically regulates this. Nevertheless, the filter must be replaced once it is “full."

Atmos filter saturation - not 0% after replacing

The measurement of filter saturation is based on the principle of differential pressure measurement. The pressure is measured before and after the filter unit. A percent is calculated based on these two values. This means that after a filter change, the indicated level is not zero but rather the percent of the differential pressure in the filter unit. This output value usually is about 20%. The new filter lasts exactly as long as the filter in a new device.

Use a prefilter mat

A prefilter mat can greatly extend the service life of the Atmos Comfort Box. Once the mat is inserted into the upper frame, it filters out coarse dust and dirt particles and only the fine dust enters the Atmos Comfort Box.

Be sure to also check the prefilter mat regularly and replace it whenever necessary.

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