Fine engraving quality using Trotec “High-quality Mode”

laser engraving with high-quality mode
laser engraving with high-quality mode

High-quality Mode explained and when it applies

The High-quality engraving Mode is a function in the JobControl® laser software. With just one click, you can now achieve highest quality in engraving. When engraving different substrates, the High-quality Mode can be used to achieve a high-quality engraving where time is not a factor. Whereas in normal instances, your time when engraving is longer because of the focus on quality.

high-quality mode - standard mode

How does the High-quality Mode work?

With the release of the new Trotec High-quality Mode function, the laser engraver travels across the full width of the job at the same speed marking only the selected engraving area. This implies that jobs are now engraved at same speeds across the full engraving surface. Achieving an even and standardised laser engraving result.

If the High-quality Mode function is not activated, the head will mostly go at a higher speed though only over the width of the engraving area. The outcome then will vary in exposure times and the material is engraved more intensely in other areas.

In closing: We recommend that the High-quality Mode function is always on when a high-quality engraving result is important and there is sufficient time allocated to engraving.

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high-quality mode in jobcontrol software

How to activate the High-quality Mode function?

Step by step guideline on how to activate the High-quality Mode:

  • In the JobControl® laser software, find the materials database and open 
  • Once there, click on the drop-down menu under "Advanced" (you find this in right column)
  • Now mark with a check next to the "Optimised quality". The mode will be activated.

You are advised to always use this function when the priority is on quality. This mode is not advisable when the engraving time is limited.
Tip: Lower resolution saves time but lowers the quality

The standard recommended laser parameters  found on this website will always have the High-quality Mode activated for optimal quality requirements!

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