Laser Cutting and Engraving Rubber

Everything you need to know for digital, clean and inexpensive stamp production.

How you can use a laser machine to cut and engrave rubber.

With a laser engraving machine you can cut and engrave texts with particularly small fonts, logos with fine details or even images on rubber. The laser machine enables you to produce stamps efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally-friendly manner. This creates rubber stamps with the highest precision and with a clean, detailed imprint quality. The use of chemicals is therefore unnecessary. You can also laser cut or engrave rubber for many other areas of application, e.g. arts & crafts or outdoor signage.

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Which types of rubber are suitable for laser processing?

  • Aero
  • Classico
  • Olio
  • Tempo
  • Eco

What you can do with a laser engraving machine and rubber.

What makes our customers successful when laser cutting rubber?

“The quality of the machine and the products produced with it, as well as the service and the great feeling of having a full-range supplier from whom we not only get high-quality technology but also materials, have motivated us to buy another laser machine.”

Christoph Bohmann

Head of Operations - Michaelwerk

Which rubber we recommend for laser engraving.

Choose from our range of laser rubber products for various stamp applications. Our innovative stamp rubbers convince with their excellent engraving and imprint quality and can be engraved particularly quickly.

Which rubber we recommend for laser engraving:


What kind of rubber can be cut with the laser machine?


Can a laser cutting machine cut rubber?


Can you laser engrave rubber?


What does it take to laser cut and laser engrave rubber successfully?
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