Nozzles for Speedy laser engraver and cutter

Selecting the correct nozzle for your engraving application

To achieve the perfect result when engraving, it is important to select the correct nozzle for your machine. The nozzle serves as a guard against dirt that may come from the lens. Find out how to select the correct nozzle below: 

Selection of nozzles

There are 3 different nozzles to choose from:

Short nozzle with large hole diameter (7mm)

The "standard nozzle"; which is the shorter in length that has a 7mm diameter hole is suitable for both laser engraving and cutting. For laser cutting substrates such as acrylic , the standard nozzle is primarily used as it creates a beautiful flame-polished edge.

Short nozzle with small hole diameter (3mm)

The "short nozzle"; which is the one with a 3mm diameter hole is mostly used for laser cutting materials that are likely to cause a lot of smoke, like wood. As a result of the small opening, the flow of air is directed into the kerf, releasing any emerging smoke and cutting the gases, which protects your laser machine. This nozzle is not suitable for dust-intensive materials, like plastic and rubber. The engraving dust tends to settle at the opening of the nozzle and may block it. This may then cause burn holes in the lens.

Long nozzle with small hole diameter (3mm)

This nozzle is mainly used with the 2.5" lens, hence it has such a long nozzle. This explains the larger focal distance between the 2.5" lens and your chosen material. The properties of the nozzle are identical as those of its shorter counterpart.

Copper nozzles for laser cutting with compressed air

For laser cutting with compressed air on the SP500 there are additional copper nozzles with a hole diameter of 1.7mm for the short nozzles. The small size of the diameter allows the flow of air into the kerf in a defined manner. Thus, you achieve a perfect laser cut in materials such as thicker wood from approx. 5 mm or polycarbonate.
The selection of your lens and the resulting focal distance is a determining factor. Attachments are available in four different lengths.



More information and tips

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