A little Jimagination is all you need with Trotec Laser.

From small scale hobby to sustainable business.

Jimagination Creations is a woodworking company based in Cornwall, founded by James Powell. Initially beginning as a hobby, Jimagination has since transformed into a sustainable business. Jim frequently attends trade shows to sell his goods, all of which are available online for sale.

Wood working: Expanding the production possibilities.

Jimagination's core products include coasters, bookmarks, keyrings, and A5 book covers made from wood which are sold in craft markets and galleries. During the initial stages of the company, Jim's main method of production was hand tools alongside machinery such as band saws and thicknessers.

One of the main issues faced with processing wood was that Jim found he wanted to achieve higher levels of engraving detail and to ensure that his products were to the same high standard. Whilst possible, it was these issues that led Jim to look for an alternative solution.

Whilst on a tour of New Zealand he first discovered the benefits of laser technology and immediately began looking into a solution once he returned home.

A worthwhile return on investment.

Jim's first laser machine was a second hand Trotec system which he bought to take his business in new directions.

After having his laser for several years, Jim needed a more reliable machine and took the step to invest in a brand new Speedy 300. Since having his lasers Jim has been able to make products are either not possible by hand or would be too time consuming to be economically feasible.

The processing capabilities of laser technology have allowed Jim to take on more bespoke orders which are not just wooden products. This allowed Jim to fulfil something he had always wanted to do with Jimagination, taking bespoke orders for clients. These orders have not just been limited to wood, Jim has also processed acrylic and slate.  

Despite the initial costs of laser technology, Jim hasn't looked back since starting with his second user system. Since the purchase of his Speedy 300, Jim has had his first laser refurbished and now has two lasers working to produce his products.

The investment in laser technology has paid off for Jim and Jimagination over the four years since he first bought his Trotec machine. One of the main benefits is that Jim has recently been able to expand his previously cramped studio, making it a space for clients to visit.

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