Emotional unique pieces.

Druckkind is a young online store that specializes in the individualization and personalization of products of all kinds. At the same time, the startup company focuses on developing and manufacturing new, proprietary products.

The product range extends from gift items to home or garden accessories. Thanks to personalization, "normal" products are turned into emotionally unique items, for any activity, occasion or age group.

The perfect production technology.

To be able to individualize a wide range of products, the company was looking for a technology that could produce products made of glass, paper, plastics or even metals without any problems, both as individual pieces and in series production.

At the same time, there was a high demand on the engraving and cutting quality so that even the most filigree motives can be perfectly implemented. This desired geometric "freedom" quickly tipped the scales in favor of laser technology.

Trotec is a supplier that can draw on years of experience and knows all about clean laser production. That quickly convinced me and it has also been confirmed in practice. Also in terms of laser materials, Trotec is our perfect supplier as they deliver a wide range of special laser materials reliably and quickly.

Daniela Schlink
Company Owner - Druckkind

Manufacturer with high quality standards.

Druckkind decided to go for the Speedy 100 laser engraver to personalize their gift articles.

The quality standards of the Trotec lasers and the engravings produced with them met the desired level with which Druckkind today delights its customers. The long-term smudge and scratch resistance of the engravings on a wide variety of materials was particularly convincing, in contrast to prints and stickers.

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