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Getting started with a SpeedMarker marking laser

How to commission a SpeedMarker laser

The purpose of this guide is to provide new laser users with a brief overview of how to get started with a SpeedMarker marking laser system. We will cover all of the basic laser knowledge that you will need as well as provide information on topics, such as the location of the laser rack, turning the laser on/off, the associated industrial PC, and the functions of the various machine buttons on the laser.
speed mark marking software

SpeedMark marking software - efficient, intuitive and easy to operate

The SpeedMarker marking lasers are operated through the use of the provided intuitive and pre-installed marking software, SpeedMark. The software enables you to meet nearly any marking requirement, including serial numbers, customized text and logos, and codes (both dynamic and static). To process a simple marking application, follow the outlined steps below:

  • Open the SpeedMark software and input the desired text
  • Focus the laser beam by positioning the axes
  • Program the laser parameters
  • Position your workpiece in the machine
  • Start the marking job

After you have completed the steps, you have successfully marked your workpiece.

Additional resources for laser operation

The following tutorial/guide is a very helpful resource for businesses with several, changing operators – assisting employees who rarely work with the laser, as well as new laser users, to efficiently use the machine within a short timeframe. This greatly increases your productivity by saving you time and money

Download SpeedMark Tutorial: Quick-start-guide

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