If you want to overcome obstacles, you must
approach them easily.

(borrowed from Bertolt Brecht)

Thomas Winkler
Software Developer – JobControl®

Published on: 08/24/2017 Author: Trotec Laser HQ

Profile: Thomas Winkler

My profession:
Software Developer – JobControl®

Employed with Trotec since: 
May 1, /2015

My personal work motto: 
If you want to overcome obstacles, you must approach them easily.
(borrowed from Bertolt Brecht)

This is how I would describe my job to a friend

Together with colleagues from other departments, we define new functions for the user software used for our laser cutting and laser engraving devices. After I or a colleague finish programming, we run tests to search for every possible error - both the ones that we thought of and those we didn't. Once the work on the program is finished, I document the new function in the user manual so that customers can learn how to use the new functions.

I spend most of my work day...

…in front of the PC - and sometimes a Trotec laser is connected to it.

"One time, a 100 watt fiber laser was not working. After we removed the lens, we found a screw that was carrying the entire load. Our product manager wanted to remove the screw and grabbed it. But it was still pretty hot... We keep that screw on display in the Development department, as a reminder."
- A funny anecdote from my work life - Thomas Winkler -

The coolest thing about my job is...

...that I work with the laser and that I always have the opportunity to discover new possibilities in working with lasers.

The thing I appreciate most about Trotec is:

The company's internal cohesion and the friendly attitude of my colleagues with each other.

Something personal about myself:

I am 38 years old and live in Wels with my girlfriend and our two children. Our favorite leisure time activity when the weather is nice is to go out into our neighborhood for a bike ride or to the water.

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