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About Trotec Laser Automation GmbH

For more than 33 years, Trotec Laser Automation GmbH has proven its expertise in the construction of customer-specific solutions. It was originally founded as Boll Elektronik GmbH with headquarters in Markdorf on Lake Constance. Boll Elektronik GmbH was first partially acquired by Trotec in 2008 and then completely taken over in 2011. Almost simultaneously, the company was renamed Trotec Laser Automation GmbH.

In the meantime, the SpeedMarker series from SpeedMarker 700 to 1600 as well as customized solutions based on modified Speedmarker workstations are developed and built at the Markdorf site. Trotec Laser Automation is also the competence center for industry solutions in the field of label converting and stent cutting.

With currently over 30 employees, the Markdorf location has made a name for itself beyond the borders of Europe with its customized solutions. Laser systems are sold not only to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands but also to the USA and Australia.

At Trotec Laser Automation, team spirit is a top priority. Appreciative interaction, creative freedom and a wide range of development opportunities drive the innovative spirit of the company.

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Laser solutions for industrial challenges

For the team of experts, it doesn't matter whether you need stand-alone or inline laser solutions, laser markers or laser cutters. The focus is always on your requirements for the optimal laser solution. For the successful implementation, a whole team of project supervisors, designers, technicians and also partners is ready for you.

Laser for integration into existing production lines

For our well-known industrial customers in the automotive sector, high-quality, cost-efficient and process-reliable laser marking or laser engraving, e.g. of the vehicle identification number (VIN), is indispensable.
The scribing technique used to date is on the one hand cost-intensive and on the other hand not optimally suited for increasingly hard materials.

The Trotec VIN Marker lasers (power ranges from 100 - 300 watts) enable non-contact, fast deep engraving even on high-alloy steels. An additional advantage of the VIN Marker lasers is that they are also suitable for other applications, such as stripping hair pins or cleaning surfaces.

Thanks to the Trotec SafetyCone (laser safety hood with laser class 1) with an optimized extraction concept, spark trap and integrated safety technology, the laser can be placed directly on e.g. seat crossbars or other components without additional safety precautions. Positioning is possible by means of a robot, but also on conventional axis systems.

Equipped with PROFINET or, depending on customer requirements, with PROFIsafe components, OCP-UA connection, integrated safety PLC and a control PC, the electrical and software connection to a safe control system can be implemented in just a few minutes. In a PROFIsafe environment, you only need the network cable, which makes all signals including the emergency stop circuit functional. The cabling of laser, control rack and ATEX extraction is done by Harting quick connectors. The easy separability of the fiber module ensures simple mechanical integration.

Optical part recognition through integrated VTTL camera

Manufacturers of high-quality watches, electronics or in the automotive sector require extremely precise yet automated processing of their workpieces. In addition to the high demand on quality, a high quantity still has to be processed.

The Trotec solution for such challenges is an integrated VTTL camera. This enables optical part recognition and thus fully automatic processing of loose parts. Once defined, the camera recognizes the position of the workpiece in the shortest possible time and enables the laser to process it directly without readjustment.

An example of implementation can be found in the customer report from Hoffmann + Krippner. The company cuts capacitive sensors with an adapted laser cutter. Learn more about what effect this had on their productivity and process quality.

Customer reports of implemented laser solutions

6 steps to your specific solution

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  4. Project planning and offer
  5. Order for realization
  6. Implementation and successful project completion

Team of Trotec Laser Automation

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