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Trotec presents pilot project on cloud based service management with SAP

Published on: 05/30/2017 Author: Petra Buresch

A consistent maintenance process not only optimizes machine maintenance, productivity and costs, but also takes the user interface of the process to the next level. This is the aim of the development cooperation between the SAP specialist INFORMATICS and Trotec.

Predictive Maintenance 4.0. reduces maintenance and increases availability of machines

An advantage of predictive maintenance is that maintenance requirements are identified before servicing is needed. The sensor and operating data are permanently monitored so that potential malfunctions are detected early. This increases productivity by minimizing idle time and reducing maintenance time. Warning messages are automatically sent to the production manager and spare parts are automatically delivered. The efficiency of this machine communication approach was presented together with INFORMATICS for the first time on May 3 & 4, 2017 at the SAP Forum in the Design Center in Austria on a Speedy 360flexx laser machine and Atmos exhaust systems.

"The first milestone that we are currently working on is early recognition of typical malfunction symptoms, " explains project leader Alexander Schikowski. He adds that if the filter in the exhaust system is full or congested, it needs to be replaced to secure a smooth operation of the laser system. Increased wear or low filter life of the exhaust system can be quickly identified and fixed. Thus, sensors in the laser machine and exhaust system for example will provide data about temperature or differential pressure. If the defined limit values are exceeded, the necessary measures to prevent malfunctions or fix errors are taken automatically.

Fast communication saves time and money

The temperature and filter sensors send data in real time via SAP Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration (SAP MII), which recognizes when limit values have been exceeded using check logic. If the filter becomes blocked or the temperature deviates, the Plant Maintenance-Tool (PM) will automatically react by creating a maintenance order, and at the same time, the maintenance manager receives information via e-mail or the SAP App Fiori. In addition, the spare parts that will be needed on short notice are automatically ordered.

"Our ambition at Trotec is to develop laser system solutions that make our customers more profitable. In order to achieve this, productivity, flexibility and extremely low total costs of ownership are a top priority. This new approach to machine communication fully supports these goals. Availability can be maximized, idle time minimized and in this way productivity increases. I am looking forward to presenting this innovation to our customers," explains Alexander Jauker, Head of Product Management at Trotec. "But Predictive Maintenance is just a beginning. Topics as Condition Monitoring for efficient production planning and new business models in general are a big chance for us in the digital transformation."

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