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Premium vs. Classic - Understanding the differences

TroWood Solid Premium and Classic are both solid wood panels, optimized for precise laser work. These wood sheets for laser cutting and engraving feature exceptional craftsmanship. They are finely sanded and finished with a water-based lacquer for optimum contrast and durability. Ideal for high-end laser applications and part of our eco-friendly Green Line collection.

We recognize wood as a living, inherently unique material. Our goal is to create laserable wood sheets that embrace this uniqueness while upholding top-quality standards. Let’s get a deeper insight and discover the differences between TroWood Solid Premium and TroWood Solid Classic.

TroWood Solid Premium

The Premium Line represents the pinnacle of excellence in solid wood sheets. It as a 5 mm thick solid wood, that offers a homogenous surface. Free from visible holes, fibrous fractures, or color differences. This line stands for perfection, ideal for applications where visual aesthetics is crucial. While the Premium Line commands a higher price due to its careful selection and premium quality, it ensures a pristine finish and impeccable laser capability.

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TroWood Solid Classic

The Classic Line embraces the natural character of wood. With a thickness of 3.5 mm, it allows for the natural imperfections that make each sheet distinctive. TroWood Solid Classic offers a more affordable alternative for a high-quality material. Accepting slight color variations, fused small knots, and minor unsanded areas or glue joints is allowed. This line celebrates the beauty of wood's organic variations. It provides a versatile option for projects where absolute perfection isn't essential, allowing for creativity to flourish.

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Differentiation and considerations

  TroWood Solid Premium TroWood Solid Classic
Thickness 5 mm 3.5 mm
Stability 🏆  
Resistance to warping 🏆  
Price   🏆
Lower laser power for cutting   🏆
Perfection of surface 🏆  

While both lines are crafted from the same sustainable wood, the key differences lie in their thickness and the level of perfection achieved. The 5mm thickness in the Premium Line ensures exceptional stability, making it less prone to warping after transport or exposure to environmental factors.

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Ultimately, the choice between TroWood Solid Premium and Classic depends on the specific needs of your project. The Premium Line caters to precision-demanding applications where flawless appearance and laser precision are critical. In contrast, the Classic Line offers a more cost-effective solution and requires less laser power for cutting. It embraces the natural quirks of wood, and providing a canvas for projects that celebrate organic beauty. Both lines stand for our commitment to quality and sustainability, offering versatile solutions to suit varied project requirements.

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