OEM marking laser for system integrators

SpeedMarker FL, ProMarker OEM, SpeedMarker CL

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Galvo marking laser for integration into existing systems

Specifically for system integrators, Trotec offers the Galvo OEM laser in addition to laser systems. Depending on your requirements and application, you can choose between fiber and CO2 laser sources.

SpeedMarker FL ProMarker OEM SpeedMarker CL

SpeedMarker FL - marking laser for continuous operation in the industrial environment

The SpeedMarker FL (fiber laser) from Trotec can be integrated into existing systems. It is particularly suitable for long-term use - even under the toughest conditions.

Advantages of the SpeedMarker FL marking laser

  • high marking speed
  • minimal maintenance
  • hermetically sealed laser source
  • integrated air cooling

With the fiber marking laser, the marking of metal and plastic takes place within seconds and is trouble-free. The marking lasers come equipped with several 24V inputs and outputs for integration into existing systems. In addition, up to four additional axes can be connected and controlled directly.

Technical specifications

Laser type: Galvo fiber laser
Marking area: max. 310 x 310 mm
Laser power: 10 - 50 watts, 20 + 100 watts MOPA Laser

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SpeedMark laser software - one software program for all processing steps

The laser can be directly controlled with the SpeedMark marking software developed by Trotec. It is particularly suitable for automated marking processes and covers all processing steps from importing dates and graphics to the generation of Data Matrix codes or consecutive serial numbers. One major advantage is the customizable user interface, to ensure optimal adaptation to existing processes. The operator can arrange and customize the marking tasks at will.

Connection of ERP systems

One special feature is that the SpeedMark laser software can access data from ERP systems (e.g. SAP). This ensures that the laser operator receives all order-related data for the components to be marked directly in the program, in order to properly perform the labeling process.

ProMarker OEM – laser marking as easy as printing

Alternatively to the SpeedMarker FL, the ProMarker OEM complements the portfolio of Galvo OEM fiber lasers. Unlike the SpeedMarker FL, the ProMarker OEM is controlled by the DirectMark laser software - this works like a printer driver. You can then work using your usual graphics programs and then send the print file to the laser. No previous knowledge is required for the application of the DirectMark printer driver - simply plug & play.

Technical Data

Laser type: Galvo fiber laser
Marking area: max. 180 x 180 mm
Laser power: 10 - 20 watts

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SpeedMarker CL - the high-speed laser for high demands

The SpeedMarker CL (CO2 laser) is characterized by maximum speed and a laser power up to 200 W. With the integrated Galvo laser technology, perfect engravings and cuts can be produced on materials such as wood, paper, plastic, leather, textiles or laminates. The SpeedMarker CL can be easily integrated into existing systems and thus optimally adapts to the requirements of the operation. In addition, the optional third axis gives you maximum precision, even with large working surfaces.

Technical Data

Laser type: Galvo-CO2 Laser
Marking field: max. 280 x 280 mm
Laser power: 30 - 200 watts

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