The importance of build quality in laser cutters and engravers

Trotec Laser feat. James Minchau

21. Juni 2023 • 5 min

Trotec Laser's commitment to build quality

When it comes to laser cutters and engravers, there are several factors that businesses and individuals often consider. Speed and power are often seen as the primary differentiators between laser machines. However, one aspect that is often overlooked but crucial to long-term performance and reliability is the machine's build quality. In this article, we will explore the significance of build quality in laser cutters and engravers with insights from James Minchau, an experienced professional who has been helping businesses succeed with lasers for over 23 years. We will focus on Trotec Laser and how their commitment to build quality sets them apart in the industry.

The role of build quality:

Build quality refers to a laser machine's structural integrity, durability, and precision. While it may not be as flashy or exciting to discuss as speed and power, it is a critical aspect that directly impacts the overall performance and longevity of the equipment. James Minchau emphasizes the importance of build quality as a key factor when evaluating laser machines, and he believes Trotec Laser stands out in this regard.

Trotec Laser's superior build quality

One of the standout features of Trotec Laser machines is their chassis, which is manufactured in Austria using welded steel. Trotec Laser machines offer exceptional rigidity and structural stability, unlike machines with bolted-together aluminum chassis. Although it may incur higher manufacturing costs, Trotec's engineers have a long-term vision, aiming their machines to remain vital cutting and engraving tools for years.

The risks of aluminum chassis

Laser machines with aluminum chassis, especially those bolted together, tend to bend and sag over time. This can lead to beam path distortion, significantly affecting engravings' quality and precision. Simple realignment may not rectify such distortions, leaving users with an unaligned laser. Trotec's choice of welded steel chassis mitigates these risks, ensuring consistent and precise engraving results over an extended period.

Long-term cost efficiency

While the initial cost of a laser machine with a welded steel chassis may be slightly higher, it offers substantial long-term cost savings. With a rigid steel chassis, every part of the laser bed remains stable, allowing for precise engravings for many years. On the other hand, machines with aluminum chassis may require frequent alignment, especially after being moved or subjected to vibrations. Aligning the laser can be time-consuming and costly, impacting productivity and profitability.

Real-World performance and reliability

James Minchau shares his firsthand experience with Trotec Laser's build quality. He mentions using a different brand of laser that became so misaligned over time that he could not engrave it in the bottom left corner. Despite their best efforts, alignment proved impossible. Some customers with aluminum chassis have reported similar issues, needing to align their lasers even after minimal movement for maintenance purposes. In contrast, James Minchau's Trotec Speedy 360 has withstood rigorous use, enduring bumps, vibrations, and occasional impacts in the back of his truck, without requiring realignment. This exemplifies Trotec Laser's commitment to delivering machines that remain aligned and perform reliably, even in challenging conditions.


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