Laser engraved blueprint signage using Trotec Speedy 400

Innovating architectural display

21. Juni 2023 • 7 min

How Speedy laser machine is used to create architectural blueprint signage?

A blueprint, traditionally, is a detailed plan or a map, synonymous with architects and builders for centuries. However, with the advent of laser technology, these blueprints are being transformed into high-end signage applications, elevating their aesthetic appeal and functional value. This article provides insight into how Trotec Laser's Speedy 400 is used to create such architectural blueprint signage, as demonstrated by Miguel Machado in a Project Upgrade video.

Phase 1: Engraving the blueprint on TroLase plastic

In the project's first phase, Miguel creates a basic engraving on a 3mm thick TroLase plastic sheet using the Trotec Speedy 400 laser engraver. The architectural plan, similar to a blueprint, is engraved on a 36 by 24-inch sheet, with an estimated engraving time of about 40 minutes. The resulting sign can be installed in a real estate office or a developer's promotional location as an elegant display of the project blueprint. With an estimated cost of materials and laser time being $70 and a selling price of $250, this type of signage provides a profit of $180.

Phase 2: Engraving and cutting furniture design on TroGlass acrylic

The second level of the project incorporates both engraving and cutting techniques. A 5mm thick TroGlass explicit cast acrylic sheet is used, and a blueprint-style furniture items design is engraved and cut out. The design measures 12 by 24 inches and can be used to create an interactive flat sign or table where viewers can place the furniture cutouts as they desire. The expenses for this level, including materials, labor, and laser time, amount to $45. When added to the $250 price tag of the level one model, the total selling price becomes $325, offering a profit of $260.

Phase 3: Creating an interactive display with metal sheets and magnets

Finally, in the third level of the project, Trotec metal sheets are glued to the back of the TroLase plastic, and small magnets are affixed to each of the clear acrylic pieces. This allows the entire project to be hung on a wall as a display piece. TroLase Thins are engraved, cut, and attached to the top of the acrylic to hide the magnets. The extra materials, attractions, and time invested in this level are estimated at an additional $100. Adding this to the value of levels one and two, the total selling price becomes $525, yielding a total profit of $360.

Wide applications and benefits of laser-engraved blueprint signage

This innovative application of laser technology is not just a demonstration of the capabilities of the Trotec Speedy 400 but also a testament to the evolving trends in architectural displays. The interactive, magnetized blueprint signage is visually impressive and engaging, allowing users to arrange furniture cutouts as they wish. 

This laser-engraved blueprint signage has vast potential applications. It can serve as an excellent teaching tool in architectural programs in colleges and universities, helping students visualize and manipulate architectural plans. Furthermore, it can be a valuable asset for real estate offices, architectural firms, and commercial builders, providing an interactive way to present and discuss project blueprints with clients.

Project upgrade: pushing the boundaries of laser technology

The Project Upgrade by Trotec Laser is a continuous endeavor to showcase the power of laser technology in transforming ordinary applications into extraordinary ones. The architectural blueprint signage project is a remarkable example of how a traditional concept, combined with innovative laser technology, can create high-end, interactive, and functional display pieces.

Inspiring Innovation: Harnessing Laser Technology's Potential

As Trotec Laser continues to innovate and experiment, they invite ideas for their next project upgrade. These projects are not just a demonstration of what their lasers can do but also an inspiration for businesses, hobbyists, and educational institutions to harness the potential of laser technology in their respective fields.


Lev Uzlaner

Managing Director Trotec Canada

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