Laser-cut wooden hockey jerseys by Wood Jerseys

Trotec Laser customer spotlight

21. Juni 2023 • 7 min

About Wood Jerseys

In this Trotec Laser customer spotlight, we are thrilled to feature Wood Jerseys, a unique and innovative company that creates laser-cut wooden hockey jerseys. Wood Jerseys was born to give customers a fantastic product celebrating their favorite hockey teams and players. By combining laser technology with creative design, Wood Jerseys has carved out a niche in the market and gained recognition for its high-quality craftsmanship.

Origins and inspiration

Wood Jerseys had humble beginnings as a small signage shop, with the owner initially still determining the shop's direction. Frustrated with the back-and-forth involved in custom work, the founder sought a project that could be offered to customers as a pre-designed option, eliminating the need for an extensive creative consultation. Inspiration struck when the founder's girlfriend gifted them a vintage keychain featuring the Calgary Flames jersey from the 1980s.

Enthralled by the keychain's design, the founder seized the opportunity to transform it into something more significant—a wall decoration that hockey fans could proudly display in their rec rooms or basements. By creating laser-cut wooden replicas of hockey jerseys, Wood Jerseys allowed fans to celebrate their favorite teams or players uniquely and visually strikingly.

Choosing laser technology

The founder opted for lasers when deciding between laser technology and traditional methods like CNC machining due to their efficiency and ease of use. CNC machining often involves multiple variables and complexities to achieve the desired results. In contrast, lasers offered a turnkey solution, delivering high craftsmanship and a sleek aesthetic without requiring extensive labor-intensive processes.

The founder's preference for laser technology was driven, in part, by their belief that being a "maker" often requires finding creative solutions to problems with the least amount of effort. While some may push through woodworking projects through more laborious means, Wood Jerseys sought to streamline their production process to maximize output while maintaining quality.

Choosing Trotec Laser

Wood Jerseys conducted extensive research when selecting a laser solution and quickly discovered Trotec Laser's reputation for excellence. The founder sought a laser system manufactured in North America or Europe, prioritizing strong support and a comprehensive software package. After evaluating various options, Trotec Laser emerged as the standout choice.

The decision to choose Trotec Laser was reinforced by the company's reputation for producing some of the best lasers in the world. With a commitment to European manufacturing, Trotec Laser offered the reliability, build quality, and support that Wood Jerseys required. From the moment they started using their Trotec laser, Wood Jerseys experienced consistent performance, reliability, and outstanding support, facilitating their growth and allowing them to focus on learning and expanding their business.

Embracing uniqueness and looking Ahead

Wood Jerseys took a bold step by introducing a one-of-a-kind product to the market—an intricately laser-cut wooden hockey jersey. By targeting professional hockey leagues directly, Wood Jerseys differentiated itself from competitors and established its brand as a leader in the space. This showcases the value of thoroughly conceptualizing a unique, niche product that can effectively cut through the competition.

Wood Jerseys can be found on their website www.woodjerseys.com. However, the company has exciting plans to expand its reach by partnering with big-box stores and securing placements in larger arenas. These strategic moves will undoubtedly propel Wood Jerseys to new heights and introduce their extraordinary wooden hockey jerseys to an even broader audience. Wood Jerseys' success story is a testament to the power of innovation, laser technology, and the pursuit of unique product ideas. 


Lev Uzlaner

Managing Director Trotec Canada

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