A design student's journey to laser cut architecture

Crafting a dream

21. Juni 2023 • 6 min

Laser cutting in realizing architectural dreams

In the realm of design, laser cutting has emerged as an invaluable tool that can bring the most intricate concepts to life. Among its numerous applications, architectural model-making remains one of the most fascinating. A recent project by Manha, a design student from Meadowville Secondary, serves as a testament to the power of laser cutting in realizing architectural dreams.

Manha's discovery and passion

Manha undertook a co-op placement at Trotec Laser, where she discovered the allure of laser cutting technology. She explains, "I love laser cutting because it allows me to create physical items and models of the ideas in my head. I love the creative freedom I have at this co-op placement." And it was this technology that she utilized to create an exquisite 3D model of her dream house, inspired by her passion for architectural design and sustainability.

Creating the dream house model with laser cutting

The heart of Manha's project was the Rayjet laser, a versatile machine designed to make the design process as smooth as possible. The journey began with a simple sketch – the birth of an idea. Manha then took careful measurements to ensure accuracy, which is crucial in architectural design.

Once the measurements were on paper, she transferred them to CorelDRAW, a sophisticated design software that offers high precision. With the measures and design in place, she was ready to breathe life into her dream house using the Rayjet laser cutter. She chose three distinct materials for her model: TroGlass Satin in black for the walls, explicit for the windows, and laser wood veneer bamboo for the doors and plant boxes.

Precision was vital in this phase. The laser cutter ensured that each piece was cut with meticulous accuracy, guaranteeing a seamless fit. For the base of her model, Manha opted for TroGlass Satin in red and personalized it by engraving her name. 

Assembly and finishing touches

Manha assembled the model using industrial double-sided tape, cutting tiny strips to fasten the different pieces. She used gold acrylic for the small details like the door and garage handles. The boxes featured miniature plants crafted from preserved moss, fake leaves, and hot glue. The crowning touch was the solar panels made from TroGlass in black. She engraved them with various lines and cut a rectangular piece to elevate them once attached to the roof.

Transformative co-op Experience and growth

Her co-op experience with Trotec Laser has been transformative, allowing her to hone her design skills and gain a deeper understanding of the design world. The opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and bring her architectural dream to life has been a journey of exploration and growth.

The power of laser cutting in architectural design

Upon completion, Manha's dream house is a compelling testament to the power of laser cutting technology in architectural design. With an attention to detail that is almost microscopic, she was able to construct a model that is not just visually stunning but also sustainable – a reflection of her core design principles. 

In conclusion, this project illustrates the power of laser cutting technology in aiding the creativity of young designers. It highlights how laser cutting can turn an abstract idea into a tangible reality, bridging the gap between imagination and execution. 

Manha's journey inspiring the future of design

Manha's journey from idea to finished product is a testament to her talent and creativity and a tribute to the possibilities that laser cutting technology offers in design. The Rayjet laser cutter was vital in her project, transforming her dream house from a concept to a tangible model. 

As Manha's dream house stands completed, it inspires budding designers everywhere, demonstrating the boundless potential of laser cutting technology in architectural design. Her model, a blend of aesthetics and sustainability, is a beacon of the future of design, illuminated by the precision and versatility of laser cutting.

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