Ruby® 2.6 – 06.06.2023

New functions

Rotary: Enhanced positioning

With the improved rotary function, it is now possible to rotate a design together with the object by locking it on the working area. This allows to position more than one graphic on different positions around the diameter. Save time by having one job for several positions instead of one job per position.

Align and distribute

Text, images or other elements can now be aligned and distributed. This enables even line spacing, e. g. for multi-line texts. Elements can also be positioned precisely on a plate. This function is available on the Design and Prepare screens.

Draw new shapes

From now on, in addition to lines, circles and rectangles, polygons with any number of corners can also be drawn.

Smart selection

Smart selection makes overlapping elements visible. If the mouse is dragged over an object, the underlying elements appear with a dashed line and can be brought to the foreground with a mouse click and thus easily moved, scaled or otherwise edited. The position of the layers remains unchanged.

Reset Superadmin password

The Superadmin password can now be reset from the Ruby login screen.

Improvements and updates:

Design Grid and Arrays - Improved Usability

Existing arrays can now also be subsequently modified, or placed designs can be subsequently arranged as an array.
You can also place multiple arrays next to or below each other. For optimal plate utilization.

Default setting for design margins

By clicking on the "Adapt to design" icon, the set default value is now automatically applied. You can set or change the default value by clicking on the arrow.

Different dashed lines per job

With the new version, differently dashed lines are now also executed by the laser.

Important: A firmware update to version is mandatory.

QR code to certificates

In addition to URL's, certificates and remote access can also be made via a QR code on the touch display.

Improved material window

Changing material parameters is now even easier. By clicking on "Material Details" you get to a new window where you can make changes. You then decide whether these should only apply to the job (Save icon), or whether you also want to make the changes in the material database (Save - As new or Overwrite). This reduces the risk of incorrect material parameters being changed or saved for a job by mistake.

You can still access the material database via the "Materials" main menu.

Job duration precalculation for SP500

Job duration prediction is now available for the SP500.

Restrict software updates for users

Administrators of Run on Ruby machines can now decide whether software updates may be performed from the touch panel. Enabling and disabling is easily done via the user management.

Adjustments End User License Agreement (EULA)

We have adjusted the privacy policy (chapters 5 and 6) in the End User License Agreement. Please confirm this once, so that the login to Ruby is still possible.

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