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Each year Austrian industrial machine manufacturer PROMOT Automation produces more than 200 automated systems. Between 50 and 1000 laser marked information signs and data plates are required for each system. A Speedy 360 laser machine has been used for this since 2016.
Engine specialist Van der Graaf uses Trotec SpeedMarker series marking lasers for marking components, and they appreciate the flexible nature of these machines for their proprietary manufacturing processes.
AVK Plastics from the Netherlands are using five laser systems for marking their plastic pallets.
​Tocana specialise in the design, development and manufacture of electrical and electronic insulation solutions. They cut flame retardant electrical insulators with a GS1000.
S&T EPS is using a trotec laser for marking electronic assemblies
Waverley Brownall Ltd increases component marking throughput with a Speedy 300 fiber laser.
High demands on quality and safety in industry.
Düsseldorf Chamber of Skilled Crafts focuses on regional quality for production equipment used in vocational training.
The computer manufacturer uses their Speedy 400 to process a large variety of custom bracing and etching for their solution specific workstations and servers.
High quality designer glasses from ic! Berlin.
For almost 50 years, Hoffmann + Krippner has been developing and producing individual operating units and flexible printed electronics as well as sophisticated smart, networked sensor applications and HMI solutions.
The Michaelwerk division includes workshops, support groups and the vocational training area for disabled people. More than 600 handicapped people work and learn there, primarily in the laundry, carpentry, assembly, mailing, gardening, kitchen, and stamp and sign production departments.
Blaufaktor saves time and money thanks to in-house laser marking of drinking water filter.
At Beck Sensortechnik, a Trotec marking laser simplifies workflow and saves costs.
A brief summary of the most important pillars: productivity or quality of laser engraving and laser cutting, low running costs, user-friendliness and safety.
7 of our Trotec experts give you their personal tips for founders for a successful start to your laser business.
Which laser for engraving and cutting is the right one for my requirements? How much does a laser machine cost? What functions make a laser future-proof?
Reliable marking of around 500 items of firefighting equipment per year with the Speedy 100.

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