TADAM: Personalization for every occasion with Trotec lasers.

Combine various technologies for individualization.

The products that customers want to buy today must be one of a kind and custom-made. They keep looking for unique and extraordinary items. The answer to their ever-growing expectations is individualization. Nowadays, physical and online shops more and more frequently offer the service of personalization of items. Tadam, the creative workshop from Rzeszow, which has been operating since 2015, has come up with a very interesting solution.

"We combine various technologies in our creative projects, such as laser cutting, spray painting, UV printing. What we find extremely important, is the human factor; our team is composed of creative people talented in visual arts, who keep looking for new solutions, combining various artistic techniques. Our goal is to create products that do not look like the serial ones from mass production. We prioritize individual approach to customers and high quality." – Anna Rzeszutek, Tadam

Laser system for fast and precise personalization.

Tadam specializes in decoration of specific events, such as weddings, receptions, festivals, postpartum parties and many other occasions. The workshop processes mostly 4mm and 10mm plywood, but special projects require also laser cutting of acrylic. Almost 99% products from Tadam’s portfolio are custom-made.

The completion process of Tadam's orders can vary depending on the particular features of the order. The products can be purchased online at pracowniatadam.pl or, for customized items, orders can be placed via e-mail. The company cooperates constantly with wedding planners, designers and interior designers.

Our priority is the quality of our products. In 2015, when our company was created, we had one Chinese laser system at our disposal. Our heads were full of ideas, but the cutting and engraving quality was not satisfactory. Moreover, the processing time was too long. We knew that we were having more and more customers, and that we had to deliver an ever-increasing number of orders. This is when we decided to arrange a meeting with a Trotec sales representative, who came to us and delivered a presentation about Speedy 100. We were really impressed. That was exactly what we had been looking for - a fast and incredibly precise laser system. We run a few tests and could immediately tell the difference. At this point we bought our first Speedy 400 and in the same month, we ordered another one. Two Trotec machines reduced the duration of our production process by half.

What do we like about Trotec? Speed, precision, quality and RELIABILITY. We really appreciate the support of the technicians and the regular contact with the sales representative, as we can always get some help or tips in relation to our problem.

Anna Rzeszutek

Individual approach and trust.

In the portfolio of Tadam projects, you can find some really unique designs. Accessories for such events as weddings must reflect the personality or interests of the bride and groom. Sometimes you can tell at first glance what the future bride and groom are passionate about, what they do or where they are from. Tadam products are very frequently used in international weddings and receptions. The workshop takes up jobs even in languages as original as Mayotte (Mayotte is a French island in the Indian Ocean, north-west of Madagascar). The customers value Tadam not only for their individual approach, but also for their discretion - the workshop carries out orders of stars, celebrities and famous sportsmen, for whom it is an extremely important factor.

Every project is important and special to us. There are also projects that we look back to with smiles on our faces. Some time ago, we prepared a wedding identity for the couple who took their vows at Morskie Oko and organized a wedding reception in a mountain hut nearby. We designed mountain-themed wedding accessories, which we made using the laser cutting technology and UV printing.

Anna Rzeszutek

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