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FabCafe BCN aims at providing an environment where technological innovation among companies and entrepreneurs thrives. The Speedy 400 flexx makes an enormous contribution here, because it is super fast, absolutely flexible and intuitive to use.


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Speedy 400 flexx

About FabCafe Barcelona.

The FabCafe concept was born in Tokyo as a digital fabrication space inside a coffee shop with the aim of bringing closer the prototyping process and of making technologies visible to all citizens. People of all ages and disciplines can meet and fabricate with digital tools what they previously thought impossible, in a creative and synergistic environment while enjoying a coffee and a snack.

"Trotec supports us in the smooth operation of our Speedy and makes us aware of new possibilities. We have also worked together during the lockdown to do our bit in the fight against Covid."

David Tena

Diverse applications require a flexible and reliable tool.

At FabCafe, there are two types of service modalities. Anyone can request  a laser service and then wait in the coffee area till the job is done. Everyone with a membership fee has access to the co-working area and the different machines that are offered at the FabLab area. The most common applications are the creation of architectural models, customization of objects by engraving them with logos or acronyms and prototypes of devices. To be able to offer all these applications to its customers, FabCafe BCN was looking for a high quality and flexible laser system as well as a reliable partner behind the machine.

Speedy 400 flexx delivers high-quality solutions for all.

David Tena, CEO at FabCafe BCN, contacted Trotec to see what equipment options would best suit his project. On the basis of a detailed analysis he chose a Speedy 400 flexx. This machine combines a CO2 and a fibre laser source and therefore perfectly meets the different needs of the FabCafe's customers.

"Trotec also sells materials such as acrylics and woods that we use the most within the FabCafé, so it's great to have a 360° supplier."

David Tena

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