Laser buyers guide for schools

When looking for a laser system for use in education, there are many options available to you. It can be a confusing task to ensure that you make the right investment but below are some key considerations that can help lead you to your decision.

Speed and Reliability

A Trotec laser provides engraving speeds up to 4.3 m/s and 5G acceleration, with the ability to process work over 10 times faster than other lasers. You can see just how fast a Trotec laser is at one of our six showrooms across the UK and Ireland.
Austrian made and built to last, Trotec Speedy lasers feature a Ceramicore® laser source which provides a long life span, maximum stability and the best cutting capability for years of trouble-free operation. We are happy to provide reference customers for you to consult with during your decision-making process.

Ease-of-Use and Maintenance

A Trotec laser is designed to reduce the time required for regular maintenance with fully enclosed mechanisms thanks to the patented InPack Technology™ which fully protects moving mechanical components from dirt and debris, making it easy to maintain and reducing the risk of a mechanical breakdown. Trotec believes in providing support for the lifetime of the laser system. Our team of UK-based service technicians have been trained to the highest standards to assure machine knowledge and technical expertise. With extended warranty and care packages available as well as free email and telephone support, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and technical support from day one

Laser Operator Safety

Trotec’s series of Speedy laser machines are laser safety Class 2, meaning that no additional safety measures are required. The interlocked safety system means that when the laser lid is opened, the machine ceases to operate, preventing students and staff from coming into contact with the laser beam or moving components. All laser light and radiation is absorbed by the acrylic laser lid, ensuring safe operation 24/7.

After-Sales Customer Support

As the UK subsidiary, Trotec guarantees manufacturer’s support including software updates, spare parts and consumables as well as annual services carried out directly by our highly-trained service team. With over 50 UK-based staff plus six showrooms across the UK and Ireland, Trotec offers enhanced training and support to ensure that you are able to make the most of your new investment.

Additional Equipment Requirements

Trotec’s Speedy laser cutters are ordered to suit your requirements. The laser is supplied with all essential components, including power supply, lenses and cutting table, while extraction will be discussed with Trotec’s area manager during your initial demonstration so that your school receives the most efficient system for your requirements. Speedy lasers can be operated using any PC or laptop which has a graphics program installed. Unlike comparable laser systems, the Speedy range does not feature a glass tube laser source and as such a water chiller is not required. Trotec lasers are compatible with all common design programmes including 2D Design, CorelDraw and Inkscape, as well as many others.

Versatility and Options

Trotec lasers are available with a wide range of features which can further help to enhance the laser processing experience for students. From rotary engraving attachments for processing glasses and other conical objects to Trotec’s JobControl® Vision camera software for accurately cutting printed material, a Trotec laser machine is available with many options to showcase a multitude of laser techniques.  For maximum material versatility, all Speedy laser systems have the option to be upgraded to dual-source models featuring both a fiber and CO2 laser source, allowing for near unlimited material processing possibilities. In addition, all Speedy lasers are available with different laser power levels which can be increased at any time to improve processing capabilities.

Book a tailored laser demonstration

See for yourself with a laser demonstration<br />

The best way to see Trotec laser machines in action is to book a demonstration at one of our six dedicated showrooms across the UK and Ireland. Featuring a range of ltrotec laser machines from enry level cutters to larger flatbed models, your tailored demonstration is the perfect way to see for yourself how a laser cutter will revelutionise your classes productivity.  Whether you visit us in person or online, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when investing in a laser machine.  Book a laser demonstration today