Laser cutting and printing: Print&Cut in focus

The combination of the two technologies opens new possibilities up toto businesses.  Laser cutting brings a range of different advantages to many different substrates, for example, laser cut cast acrylic will have a flame poished edge post-processing. This used in combination with printed acrylics allows companies to create stand out applications. However, its not only large scale applications such as signage which are suited to the process.  For example, laser cut greeting or business cards are considered a premium product, which is partially thanks to the lasers ability to not only accuratley cut the material, but also to replicate fine details. The main advantage that the combination of the two technologies offers companies however, is the diversificaion of products. Sign and display companies can now offer promotional products, for example.  However, a question that both laser machine users and printers may have is: Is print&cut a time consuming process? Is manual alignment of print marks needed? Read on to find out about JobControl Vision, the perfect tool for accurate processing of printed materials with a laser machine. 

JobControl Vision: making print&cut a breeze

JobControl Vision, an dditional software and camera for Speedy Laser engravers* and SP laser cutting machines, makes the processing of pre-printed materials a breeze. The main advantage of the optional software is that it removes the need for manual alignment of materials significantly improving set up times. The software and camera also read the registration marks prior to process and compares them to those in the print file, automatically adjusting any deviations. An added advantage is that you not only save set up times, costly miscuts can also be avoided.  Discover JobControl Vision

More information: Print&Cut webinar

In December we teamed up with Mimaki's exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland, Hybrid Services, to bring viewers an engaging and informative webinar about how laser cutting and UV printing can be combined to take businesses to the next level. Among the topics covered in the webinar we showcased how businesses can maximise the potential of printing and laser cutting equipment, particularly when used together based on the industry experience of the hosts. Watch the full webinar hosted by Alex Beckingham and Bryan Jater from Trotec UK alongside Hybrid’s Mimaki experts Ashley Carr and Richard Williams, 

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Application examples: Print&Cut in action

Print & cut signage
Print & Cut point of sale displays
Print & cut promotional products
Any new application introduced to your business may seem like a challange, which is why we've created some helpful tutorials. Both of these guides show you how you cna easily create two different print&cut applications using your laser cutting machine and provide design files and example laser parameters to allow you to easily produce the sample designs. Why not try your own designs and share them with us on social media?
Printing and laser cutting, two technologies which have become increasingly popular working in conjunction to create striking applications. Whilst largely thought of in sign and display industries, many other industries are now incorporating the different technologies to create stand out products.