Getting started with a SpeedMarker laser marker

SpeedMarker laser machines
Ideal for new laser operators, this quick guide shows you how to get started with a SpeedMarker marking laser. You will learn all the laser basics, starting with the commissioning, and get answers to important questions such as: Where is the laser rack? Where do you switch on the laser and the associated industrial PC? What is the function of the buttons on the laser? 
speed mark marking software

SpeedMark laser marking software - control your laser with ease

The laser marking machines from the SpeedMarker series are operated using the pre-installed SpeedMark marking software. With this software, you can meet any laser marking requirement, including text, serial numbers, logos, codes (with both static and dynamic content). To perform a simple marking task, follow these steps:

  • Open SpeedMark and insert text
  • Focus the laser (move axes)
  • Define laser parameters
  • Position the component
  • Start marking job

It is that simple. Within a very short time, you can use the intuitive software and perform your marking tasks.

SpeedMarker tutorial

Helpful operation guide

This tutorial is a very helpful guide for companies with multiple operators - enabling employees who only occasionally work with the laser, as well as newly employed personnel, to operate the marking laser within a very short time. This saves time and money and increases the productivity of your company.

Download SpeedMark Tutorial: Quick-start-guide

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