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Laser education: Using a laser machine in secondary schools

The use of laser technology has become an essential part of production methods in many industries today. Within schools, laser cutter/engravers are frequently being integrated into the school curriculum so as to prepare students with transferable skills for their future careers.

Laser cutting/engraving in secondary education serves an ever increasing range of various curriculum requirements. While already well established in design and technology classes, the wide diversity and possibilities offered by a laser machine has seen its use stretch far beyond just that subject alone and is now regularly used within arts, textiles, engineering and more.

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What materials can be processed with laser technology?

Bringing a laser cutter/engraver into your school opens a whole new world of creative opportunities for students. Materials which were not easily processed by hand can now be processed with ease by students and staff alike, enabling both to create impressive and outstanding projects.

Materials suitable for laser processing:

  • Paper
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Plastic laminate
  • Metal
  • Foam

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Project ideas for laser education

There is such a wide variety of possible applications with a laser cutter/engraver, that it can be quite overwhelming for students to know just where to begin. Trotec is in a constant process of developing new application ideas for laser users and many of these project ideas can be created within schools. Some examples of these school project possibilities are:

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"In our opinion, the Trotec laser is a superior machine to all others we researched. It is used in industry and the quality of the engraving is far more enhanced than other systems."
- Pippa Conley - Faculty Leader of Design and Technology, Sale Grammar School -

Advantages of laser cutting in schools

A laser cutter offers a range of benefits regardless of which class it is used by.

Learn transferable skills

Due to the versatile processing capabilities of Trotec laser technology, the laser machine can be utilised across a wide range of subjects. Laser technology has become critically important in many of todays industries. To be able to receive exposure to laser machine technology as a part of the school curriculum assists in passing on essential skills to students that will prepare them well for their future careers.

No learning curve

Trotec laser machines are compatible with all of the most popular design software programs available. This allows students to easily create and send their designs to the laser to produce finished projects within minutes. The intuitive laser software includes a built-in materials database, enabling each student to store their material settings so they can be used again at a later time.

No additional costs compared to other technologies

Because it is a contactless technology, laser cutting/engraving does not require ongoing tool changes in the way that other competitive technologies do such as when using mechanical engravers. The accuracy of the laser machine also helps to greatly reduce material wastage.

Subject specific benefits

Laser cutter/engravers offer unique benefits for certain materials used in specific subjects. Examples include perfectly sealed edges when cutting textiles and being able to produce photographic engravings for arts and graphics classes.

Benefits for both students and staff

A laser machine not only equips students with transferable skills, it also enables staff to create internal school projects such as student awards, directional and classroom signage and so much more. This can save both time and outsourcing costs.

laser engraver speedy

Integrating laser technology into schools - Which laser is best?

Why choose a Speedy laser over a DC source laser?

In our video we outline the advantages of purchasing a Trotec Speedy laser machine over an alternative entry level laser machine. Amongst the many benefits of purchasing a Speedy laser is a ceramic laser tube, compatibility with a large range of design software and the speed of processing laser jobs. As you will see, a Speedy allows the operator to be more productive, reducing wasted time by enabling students to complete their projects with a minimal amount of processing time.

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Laser cutting in universities, further education

Laser technology is also commonly used in universities. Many of the same benefits apply to university students, although there is usually a wider range of applications used. In subjects such as architectural design, laser technology enables students to produce models with highly detailed engravings, while the speed of processing also provides for high throughput, making the best use of their allotted laser time.

Another way in which universities often make use of laser technology is to include "fab labs" within the university. These "maker spaces" offer students and members alike the perfect place to experiment and creatively use the laser machines at more convenient times.

From student project work to internal applications for staff, a Trotec laser cutter/engraver is the perfect tool for processing a wide range of materials and substrates.

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Laser safety

If you're planning to add a laser cutter/engraver to your school, safety will be right at the top of your priority list to ensure that students and staff are well protected whenever they are using the machine. Trotec offers a wide range of laser machines, most of which are classified in the class two safety bracket. These models are the safest machines for schools. Class 2 lasers are fully enclosed, which means the operator does not need to adhere to any special measures such as the need to wear protective goggles. This is due to the interlocked safety system. When the machine's front door or lid is raised, the laser ceases to fire and the laser head will stop moving, protecting the user from any possible harm.

On the other hand with a class 4 laser, there are many potential safety risks to students and staff. Class 4 lasers are not fully enclosed, and these machines require a number of additional safety features to be in place, before they can be operated safely. Typically, class 4 lasers are used for specialised applications in the manufacturing industry, or for processing larger workpieces which will not fit in a standard bed size.

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