What is LaserLeather?

Bags, jewelry, labels, key rings and so much more – it can be used in a variety of areas: our LaserLeather. Our LaserLeather is a PU leather that shares the same advantages such as the look and feel of real leather, but is much less maintenance-intensive than real leather.

Our LaserLeather can be used for almost all areas of textile design. Especially with decorative items, pieces of furniture or book covers, the LaserLeather with its two-tone design looks very classy and is very easy to process. Very fine laser engravings and laser cuts are possible, which can optimally work out the second layer of color.

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Machine setup

  • Use a 1.5" or 2" lens
  • Use the nozzle with a small opening
  • Use an aluminum cutting grid table or the honeycomb cutting tabletop. 
  • Place the LaserLeather in your laser and cover the rest of the work surface with materials (e.g. paper) in order to achieve an optimal vacuum.

Note on cutting tables: in order to avoid contamination of the LaserLeather, make sure that the cutting table is clean.

Software setup

Send the job to the laser with the following settings:

  • Process type: standard
  • Resolution: 500 dpi
  • Cutting line: none
  • Scanning: color
  • Others: optimized geometries, internal geometries first, minimize to job size

Determination of the engraving and cutting parameters

Tested by our experts, LaserLeather is perfect for laser processing with a CO2 laser.

By engraving our LaserLeather, the second layer of color can be worked out very nicely. When engraving our LaserLeather black/gold, two engraving colors can be achieved. Even when cutting, only a small amount of power is required for a clean cut.

For optimal results, we recommend using the grayscale matrix. 

In addition, we recommend the following for the parameter settings:

  • Engraving direction: top down
  • Air Assist: on


Note that the parameter settings may vary depending on the size of the engraving


LaserLeather is very easy to clean. Use a dry or slightly damp cloth and your workpiece is ready.

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