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What is TroCraft Eco?

What is TroCraft Eco?

TroCraft Eco is an innovative, environmentally-friendly material made from pure cellulose fiber. TroCraft Eco is produced without using additives, is fully biodegradable and emission-free. This versatile wood sheet can be used for customized, modern designs due to its stability, flexibility and durable formability. Due to its low weight and easy processing, the material is also perfect for interior design, model making or product and industrial design. Since the manufacturing process is carried out without chemical additives, bleach and binders, this environmentally-friendly material can also be used for toys.

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Determination of cutting parameters

To achieve optimum results when working with TroCraft Eco, precise parameter determination is required. This material is very easy to process with the laser and with the right parameters, it can be cut with almost no powder residue.

To determine the optimal parameters, you can download our test graphic. This contains many small geometries, which are arranged very closely together. You will discover that even closely adjacent cutting lines are still dimensionally stable.

How to use the test graphic

Since our test graphic is drawn in three JobControl® colors, you can use it to determine the three desired parameters.

  1. Select this graphic or your own test graphic and click on “Print.” 
  2. Set a value for each available color in the parameter database. 
    • Red is a cut line 
    • Blue is set with a weaker parameter than red. 1-3 mm Z-offset influence the line width. Due to defocusing, the diameter of the laser beam is wider than directly in focus.
    • Like red, magenta is a cut line, but the links are also activated in the parameter database. 
  3. For the cutting frequency, we recommend 1000 Hz for all 3 parameters.
  4. Select the smallest possible lens. We use the 1.5" lens for processing TroCraft Eco with the Speedy series. The material can also be processed with the 2" lens.
  5. Place the material in the machine, focus and start your laser.

Tip: If back reflections appear or the quality starts to deteriorate, use less power or a higher cutting speed.


  • TroCraft Eco is very flexible and durable. 
  • Due to the fiber and cellulose pulp, the material has heterogeneous material properties in the x and y directions. This allows space-saving positioning, in contrast to solid wood products of the same thickness.
  • TroCraft Eco is very easy to engrave by printing a graphic at 333 dpi or 500 dpi and sending it to JobControl®. The parameters for this can be easily determined with the grayscale matrix. For white, homogeneous engraving, we recommend engraving in focus. And using a medium speed for large area engravings.
  • If the cutting edge has a lot of powder residue, we recommend increasing the vacuum, if available. Good suction guarantees that the sticky powder particles are quickly removed before they are deposited on the material.
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