Tips for smoke-free processing of cork

LaserCork is a natural material and is made from natural cork granules. The fine grain structure and beautiful dark brown engraving make LaserCork suitable for many different creative, decorative or functional applications with a natural touch. Due to the strong engraving contrast and the ability to laser cut even with relatively low power, LaserCork is particularly suitable for laser processing with a CO2 laser.

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Parameter determination

To determine a suitable parameter, we recommend using the grayscale matrix

Use a resolution between 250-500 dpi:

  • In a large-scale engraving without many details, a low resolution of 250 dpi is recommended
  • For a detailed engraving, use a resolution of up to 500 dpi

Focus / Z-offset:

  • If the material is engraved in focus, a brown engraving is created
  • A darker color can be achieved by deliberately defocussing up to 9 mm

Cutting tips

Test the cutting parameter by cutting a small square measuring 30 x 30 mm.

For cork up to 3 mm:

  • Use a speed between 1 % and 2 % and a frequency of 1000 Hz. Adjust the laser power in increments of ten to work your way to a smoke-free result

General information:

  •  Make sure that Air Assist is activated in the JobControl® material database
  • The nozzle with the large hole diameter gives the best results with this material
  • Carefully cover the uncovered working surface of the table. This optimizes the vacuum or suction power and thus your cutting and engraving quality
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