Print Merge in CorelDRAW

Preparation of data and graphics

Most of the time, address data can easily be managed using a CRM system or Microsoft Excel. To prepare data for serial printing, you'll need to save the file with the data you want as a '.txt', '.csv' or '.rtf' file. When you're ready to begin the serial printing process, open the desired graphic in CorelDRAW.



Ensure that the editing area is the exact same size as the final desired graphic. This will make positioning multiple job later on a lot easier! (refer to the last step of these instructions)


Print merge wizard

When you're ready to start, click on File > Serial Printing > Create/Upload Serial Print

Now, the serial print wizard should open and show you how to make necessary adjustments to the settings. 

Select Import Text From A File, click on Continue and select the file you wish to use. On the following pages, you will see a preview containing the records that have already been imported. Click Complete to exit the serial printing wizard.


Print merge preparation

Now, the serial printing toolbar should open. Select the desired field (e.g. Name) and click on Insert Serial Print Field. Place the field of your choice into the graphic and alter it based on your own personal preferences (font, font size, etc...)

Printing process

When you're ready to begin the printing process, click Run Serial Printing found within the toolbar in CorelDRAW. Select your Trotec laser engraver as your printer. Then, click Properties and adjust the settings for laser job. If you want to print each job individually, continue doing what has been outlined in this tutorial. If you'd like to print several jobs (e.g. various plates or name tags) you only need to send one print command to the laser - saving you time and minimising laser material wastage. To do this, merge the jobs as outlined in the following step.


Merge several jobs - save time and material

You should have already selected the Trotec laser machine as your printer and adjusted the settings. Now, enter your material's dimensions (width and height). This is paramount - it will ensure that you can see how many jobs are going to fit onto one sheet of material. Save these settings by clicking JobControl

Now, take a quick look at the print preview. In its window, click Break Layout and enter the number of rows and columns that appear in the menu bar. Then, the jobs should merge. Click Selection Tool for a quick preview of the completed plate. Finally, click Print and send your graphic to JobControl!

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