Laser marking with trays

Learn how using trays and a larger workstation can increase your productivity by up to 40%.

Reduce manual handling time by using trays and jigs

Trays and jigs help increase productivity by enabling you to quickly laser mark multiple parts in the one alser job. Selecting a larger laser workstation also enable you to mark a greater number of parts. Reducing manual handing maximises your output and reduces the overall cost per part. We've prepared a time comparison between the SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300 below:

Increase productivity by 40% by using a SpeedMarker 1300 and large trays

Comparison: Laser marking metal brackets using the SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300

This time comparison shows two different options for laser marking a total of 240 metal brackets.

In the first example, we have used a SpeedMarker 700 and a tray/jig loaded with three brackets.

In the second example, the same parameters are used with a SpeedMarker 1300. The other difference is that the tray/jig is loaded with 24 brackets. Over the production run totaling 240 brackets, there is a productivity increase of 16 minutes, or 40%.

Time calculation SpeedMarker 700
Piece/workpiece carrier 3
Laser time/piece 5.25 seconds
Opening and closing time 4 seconds
Traverse axes 0 seconds
Loading and unloading/workpiece carrier 10 seconds
Time/workpiece carrier 29.75 seconds
Repetitions 80
Time/240 pieces 39 mins 40 seconds
Time calculation SpeedMarker 1300
Piece/workpiece carrier 24
Laser time/piece 5.25 seconds
Opening and closing time 4 seconds
Traverse axes 2 seconds
Loading and unloading/workpiece carrier 10 seconds
Time/workpiece carrier 142 seconds
Repetitions 10
Time/240 pieces 23 mins 40 seconds

Conclusion: You can increase productivity by 40% by reducing manual handling with trays and larger workspace.

The time it takes to laser each bracket, the opening and closing of the door in automatic mode, and the manual handling of the trays all take the same amount of time regardless of the laser model selected. However, the SpeedMarker 1300 axes move which enables you to take advantage of the entire working area. This takes a total of 2 seconds per bracket. The SpeedMarker 1300 reduces the repetitions of loading and unloading, as well as the opening and closing of the door to 10x cycles. The SpeedMarker 700 requires 80x cycles. This demonstration shows the productivity increases that can be achieved by using trays/jigs and a larger laser working area.

Tip: Creating jigs

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Creating Jigs

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