How to import laser parameters into JobControl®

You can import laser parameters just as easily as you exported them. Simply follow the steps below and the parameters will be available in JobControl® immediately.

If you are using Ruby® laser software, please find instructions on rubyhelp.com.

Step by Step

Opening the material database

  • Open the JobControl® program
  • Select "Settings" → “Material Template Setup Ctrl+M"
  • This opens the materials database

Open the menu via the gear icon

  • Click the gear symbol, then “Import from File” and select the XML back up file.
  • If there are materials with the same file name, you can either create a copy, or simply or overwrite the existing file.

Our suggestion:

We recommend creating a copy to avoid accidently overwriting any materials or losing any settings. You can always edit the parameters at any time.

How to export the data from JobControl®

When you need to re-export the laser parameters, this guide describes the exporting process step by step.

JobControl data export

More information

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