"Auto-Focus" Function Not Working?

Problem with Auto-Focus?

Trotec’s Auto-Focus function is quite intelligent. The processing table automatically moves in an upward direction until the inserted material breaks through the laser's light barriers. However, if the table moves downwards - or not at all - you can follow the following steps:

Is The Processing Table Moving Downwards?

If the processing table is moving down instead of up when activating Auto-Focus:

  • The Autofocus sensor may be dirty. Clean the sensor according to the provided instructions!
  • The sensor may be faulty. If this is the case, please contact

Is The Processing Table Not Moving At All?

If the processing is not moving whatsoever, then the light barrier is probably blocked.
  • There may be processing material in the light barriers. Check the location of the material and move the table down if necessary.
  • The Air Assist nozzle of the laser head is inside the light barrier. Ensure that you are using the correct Air Assist nozzle. Check the position of the side Air Assist (on the Speedy 100). If you are using the long Air Assist nozzle, you will need to adjust the focus manually using the focus tool.

Auto-Focus Still Not Working?

If the table is still not working, try adjusting the focus manually with the focus tool. Or, you are always free to contact technical support.

Technical support

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