TroCAM CAD/CAM Laser Software

CAD/CAM software solution for controlling your Trotec laser

TroCAM - Optimally equipped for any task

TroCAM is a fully equipped and integrated CAD/CAM software solution. Its function is to assist in controlling your Trotec laser machine. It does this via functionalities, including lines, arcs, circles and squares, as well as special geometries such as polygons and ellipses. TroCAM is capable of importing 3D polyline, DXF and DWG by default. It also provides users with thorough editing functions, including change, move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale, expand starting point and so on. Furthermore, functional designs can also be converted to geometries and vice versa.

The first choice for professionals

There is no doubt that TroCAM is the ultimate choice for professionals. From clearance correction to precise and accurate cutting, TroCAM offers users a customisable material database to both enhance efficiency and allow for an optimised workflow. Alongside the CAD module, numerous CAM functionalities, such as approach and retraction as well as a powerful nesting module, will further enhance the efficiency and quality of your job.

Shorter process times

Simulation Mode is a feature that will enable laser users to achieve substantially shorter cycle times. Geometries can be sorted either manually or automatically, idle times can be prevented and the cutting sequence can thus be optimised. Furthermore, you can also simulatenously eliminate material wastage.

TroCAM is compatible with the Speedy 100 series, Speedy 300 series, Speedy 360 series, Speedy 400 series, SP500, and the SP1500.