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Laser Software

Our laser machines are known for their useability. And, to ensure this ease of operation, we offer a wide range of laser software and accessories - printer driver, job preparation, registration mark detection, CAD/CAM support & even code generation are all available, inclusive Trotec features. 

Additionally, you can use specially developed interfaces for sending files from your normal graphics program to the laser software and preparing them for labelling and engraving. This makes layout work easy while ensuring absolutely accurate laser cutting and laser engraving.

DirectMark Printer Driver

With the DirectMark printer driver, laser marking is as easy as printing. Mark with the laser directly from your graphics program.... read more

JobControl Vision

Perfectly cut printed materials - assisted by an intelligent camera system and optical registration mark detection.... read more

JobControl® Laser Software

Innovative and intelligent laser software that offers maximum operator useability for preparing laser jobs. It is as easy as printing.... read more

JobControl Cut

JobControl Cut is a fully integrated editor, created to process and optimise basic cutting geometries within JobControl... read more

Laser Remote App

Trotec's 'Laser Remote' allows you to take complete control of Trotec flatbed lasers, while receiving real time feedback. This phone app is designed obtain information about the laser status, pause and position your laser jobs or even move the laser head.... read more

SpeedMark Marking Software

A customisable marking software for Trotec galvo marking lasers - code generation, material database and user rights management.... read more

SpeedMark Vision Smart Adjust

This is a camera assisted positioning tool for precise laser marking on all your industrial components.... read more

SpeedMark Vision – Code Detection

With SpeedMark Vision – Code Detection, it is easy to read and verify all common codes (data matrix codes, QR codes, barcodes, etc) using the attached Vision camera.... read more


TroCAM is a fully equipped, integrated CAD/CAM software solution that will ensure precise, 100% control of your Trotec laser machine.... read more

UniDrive Software

UniDrive converts postscript formats (EPS, PS, PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF) to files that can be processed by your laser machine.... read more

Laser Software Download

JobControl® Software Download

Get your JobControl® laser software upgrade... more