Achieve reliable material flow with optimised material transport

Clean cut results with the table system

The ergonomic design of the SP4000 allows for large format materials to be processed with superior speed and precision. Its unique table design means that you can safely load and unload your textiles even during processing. The cut and transport conveyor combines high air permability and robutness therefore providing exceptional extraction. What this means for you is a clean cut edge with no smoke residues.

SP laser cutter series

Maximum productivity at all times

The unloading table further enhances the productivity and incredibly high output rates of the SP4000. While the laser machine is operating in zone A, the completed textiles can be safely unloaded in zone B as well as reloaded with new material. The highly efficient and effective segmentation of the processing sector and unloading area reduces idle times and ultimately ensures a smooth and productive workflow.

Optimised material transport for reliable flow of material

The SP4000 provides an incredibly reliable material transport solution due to the feeder and transport system of the cutting and unloading table. This remarkable interplay of feeding and conveying movements, along with the automatic edge control technology, ensures feeding is free of creases, waves and distortions. This in turn provides an accurate and high-quality cutting result as well as a reliable production sequence.

SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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