SP4000: Large Format Laser Solution for Textile Signage.

With a working area 3250mm x 3210mm and a maximum roll width of 3200mm, the SP4000 is a fully automated laser system dedicated to textile signage applications - including banners, flags and lightboxes. By combining an automated solution with high cutting speeds and precision accuracy, you can produce large volumes of high quality laser cut products in a timely and efficient manner. The large format laser can be configured around a conveyor belt with feeder unit and unloading table – depending on the desired workflow. 

Cut and Seal Edges

The heat generated by the laser cutting processes results in clean, perfectly sealed melted edges with no fraying. Even elastic material can be cut accurately as it is a 'no touch' process.

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Stationary Optics

The SP4000 is different. The SP series does not move the laser, instead the laser source is mounted in the body of the machine, and the laser beam is passed over the material via mirrors that cover the entire working area. This provides flexibility in the movement system, increasing speed and available laser power. The Trotec R&D team focused on maximising the performance so there are no limitations to the installed laser power. This is a significant productivity advantage. For typical textile signage applications, we suggest a laser power of 200 watts for maximum productivity.

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SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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