Tandem Assist

Continual laser cutting with Tandem Assist

Tandem Assist, a JobControl® laser software function, allows the work area to be split into two zones. This means that while the laser cutter is processing material in zone A, the finished material can be removed from zone B and reloaded with new material for processing. Not only does this feature minimise operator idle time it also significantly increases productivity. 

Efficient workflow

Tandem Assist can be activated by the operator with just a few clicks in the JobControl® laser software. After the zones, A and B, have been defined the operator can place the jobs on the virtual work area.

The start command is then given directly at the laser cutter by pressing the Ready button. The material in zone A is then processed, while the material in Zone B is only processed by the laser cutter once it has been released by pressing the ready button in Zone B.

The alternating release of the zone currently being processed allows the operator to move freely and ensures error-free operation. After processing a zone, the Tandem Assist does not allow the same zone to be reprocessed. This ensures a continuous "pendulum" between the zones.

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