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Four sides access of the working area

The working area of the SP2000 and SP3000 is specially designed for large format materials and high volume production. The laser cutting systems can be easily accessed from all four sides. This in turn provides fast and ergonomic loading and unloading even during processing. 

Non-stop Cutting with Tandem Assist

The new JobControl® feature Tandem Assist provides operators with efficient and error-free quidance during the workflow. The working area can be split virtually into two zones. Whilst the laser cutting system is operating in zone A, the material can be unloaded and re-loaded in zone B. This reduces idle times and increases productivity.

Maximum Accessibility

The erogonomic design of the SP Series makes it easy to reach finished pieces. The V-shaped construction, compactness and height make the SP Series laser cutting systems ideal for demanding cutting applications. This is why the SP3000 is the leading laser cutter in the industry. 

Space optimisation

The four-sided accessibility reduces walking distances for the operator and ensures an optimised flow of goods. The optimal use of space is created by the unparalleled ratio of processing area to total area and is well worth the cost, especially with several laser cutting machines. 

SP series
Comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials.

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