Tips and tricks for laser engraving and cutting

Instructions, guidelines and tips to help you to improve the quality of your laser engraving, cutting and marking results, and save time during laser processing.

Creating jigs

Engraving multiple parts in just one work process and save time. [more information]

Laser engraving and marking with a ProMarker galvo laser

Using several tutorials, we show you the options offered by a ProMarker marking laser and the DirectMark laser software. [more information]

Raster engraving vs. vector engraving

When to use raster engraving, and when vector engraving? [more information]

Positioning aids in the JobControl® laser software

We provide you with various options for supporting the Trotec JobControl® laser software in order to quickly and reliably determine the desired position for laser processing. [more information]

What are raster algorithms and which effects can be achieved using them in laser engraving?

Raster graphics and raster algorithms - helpful tips for laser engraving [more information]

Tips and tricks for photo laser engraving

Learn the 3 steps to achieve perfect photo laser engraving. JobControl laser software makes photo engraving easy. [more information]

How to get started using a ProMarker marking laser

In this step-by-step tutorial learn how to start using the ProMarker marking laser to mark many different products. [more information]

What do the laser parameters for laser engraving and laser cutting for CO2 laser applications mean?

We explain the parameters for laser engraving and laser cutting. Learn about power, speed, ppi, Hz, pass, Air Assist and z-offset. [more information]

How do I determine the optimal laser parameters for my material?

Find out how you can quickly and easily determine the optimal laser parameters for the perfect laser engraving and laser cutting result. [more information]

Start, pause, restart - fast control of your laser machine

We show you tips to quickly and easily control your laser machine including how to cancel a job and restart it or check the laser engraving of the job. [more information]

How to use the rotary engraving attachment with the SpeedMarker lasers

Learn how to use the rotary engraving attachment on the galvo marking lasers. Engrave the inside of a ring. [more information]

Getting started with a SpeedMarker marking laser

Learn step-by-step how to mark components with a SpeedMarker marking laser. You will learn all of the laser basics, starting with commissioning. [more information]

Simultaneous laser marking of multiple workpieces or components in one work step

Learn how to create an array with the laser software SpeedMark and simultaneously mark multiple workpieces in one work step. [more information]

How to use a marking laser for your business

A marking laser provides more processing capabilities and more possibilities than you might realise. Discover your possibilities for your business. [more information]

Engrave anodised aluminium data plates using SpeedMark

In this tutorial we show you how easily you can laser engrave data plates using the SpeedMark laser software. [more information]

How to create pop-up cards in the graphics program for laser processing

In this tutorial you will learn how to prepare a pop-up card for laser processing in your graphics program. [more information]

Tips & Tricks for the laser software JobControl® Vision

JobControl® Vision is the Trotec laser software for precise laser cutting of printed materials, for example acrylics, paper, film or card. Here you find helpful tips for the graphics creation and daily work with the cutting software. [more information]

Tips & Tricks for laser cutting and laser engraving of paper

Trotec laser machines are the optimum tool when processing paper and cardboard. Here you can find helpful tips regarding the laser processing of paper. [more information]

Adjusting the air flow shutter properly and achieving optimum suction

The Trotec air flow shutter regulates the air flow between the exhaust system and the 75-mm exhaust connection on the Speedy 300, Speedy 400 or SP500 when using a vacuum table. [more information]

How to find laser parameter with SpeedMark

We show you different ways to define the correct laser parameter for your marking tasks. Find the correct parameter for laser marking metals, coated materials of plastics. [more information]

Laser marking of text and codes linked to external files

more information

Better readability of barcodes and text on metal

more information

Tips and Tricks for Glass Engraving

Whether wine glass, beer mug, vase, bottle, or carafe – laser engraving allows quick and easy processing. Here are some useful tips and hints for glass processing. [more information]

360° engraving with the rotary engraving attachment

Learn in these simple steps how to use the rotary engraving attachment with your Trotec laser. Use it to engrave glasses, bottles and other cylindrical objects. [more information]

Determination of laser parameters with the grayscale matrix

Read here how you can quickly and easily determine the appropriate laser parameters using the grayscale matrix. [more information]

How to Clean Laser Focus Lenses

more information

How to export laser parameters

more information

Focus Modes for Trotec Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

more information

How to import laser parameters into the JobControl® database

more information

How to create a laser-ready design in Adobe Illustrator®

more information

Practical tips & tricks for laser processing of leather

Leather is a versatile material. Whether artifical leather or genuine leather - with laser engraving you can give wallets, belts or bracelets an individual touch of elegance. Find here some tips and tricks for laser processing. [more information]

How to extend the life of your exhaust system

more information

How to select the right lens for your application

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CorelDraw guide: From image to cutting path

more information

How to print from AutoCAD

more information

Inner Geometries first

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Laser marking metal: Annealing

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