Firmware Error Message?

How do I solve this error message?

When an issue arises in JobControl®, a firmware error message will appear on your screen. Here are a few steps you can take to quickly and easily resolve the problem. 

Instead of the laser job, an error message appears?

When met with a problem, a firmware message will appear on your screen. Do the following to identify the error:

  1. Take note of the error code number and its description.
  2. Turn the machine off and on again.
  3. Repeat the last action you took before the error message appeared.

The error does not occur again:

If the error stops occurring, you can resume normal operation.

The error occurs again:

Create a service file. Send this file with the error code and a quick description of how the error occurred to Trotec technical support.

During the laser job, an error message appears?

If an error is appearing during the laser job, complete the following to identify the cause of the error:
Test a previously completed job when no error occurred.

If none of the laser jobs work:

If none of your laser jobs are working anymore, the problem is most probably in the machine hardware itself. Please contact technical support

If individual laser jobs do not work:

If your previous job was completed without any issues, and it is only your current job that is proving difficult, there is probably something wrong with either the graphic, the parameterisation (plate size/colour selection) or possibly even an incorrect transfer of the job to JobControl®. Make a note of the error code, create a service file and contact technical support.

Still having problems?

If you are still having problems, please feel free to contact out technical support. We will take care of any problems you may be having and find a quick and easy solution. 

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